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Gill always arranges a free chemistry call with any new client and in the first instance might want to discuss your “default” pattern when it comes to resilience.

You may want to discuss which area of your foundation has been affected and it may only be a small shift in your beliefs, behaviours, fears or worries.

Gill is qualified and very experienced with many proven results in clients who have dramatically moved forward in themselves and successfully in their business after learning “the foundations for the house of life.”
Is it the desire to be focused?
Do you need to be fitter in mind and body?
How do you deal with yourself emotionally?
How is your self-esteem?
Do you have difficulty in making decisions?

The benefits for resilience coaching is precious time and money which is well invested.

The tailor-made programme will unlock your potential, allowing you to take control of your life and makes things happen.

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As a recently-established company we desperately needed support and guidance to help take our business to the next level – and we were lucky to receive that from Gill Mathias, The Bounce Forward Coach.

We have found Gill to be an excellent coach and mentor, bringing us the benefit of her experience and insight to help us really discuss and plan for the future.

The amazing business model was so clear that it allowed us to plan techniques and strategies to make an honest appraisal of our strengths and weaknesses. This was invaluable in refining and restructuring our business model. It helped us to focus upon where we needed to be concentrating our energies next.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Gill to other businesses and will certainly be working with her in the near future for further support.

Gary and Paula Young, Magic Lantern Media

Do you believe in yourself?

Can you remember how you dealt with difficulties when you were young?

What strategies did you use?

Were you encouraged not to show your feelings when you faced adversity when you were growing up?

This is a thread that might follow you through life.

It is sometimes necessary to choose to change our behaviour to feel in charge of our ability to cope with resilience and bounce forward.

Resilience coaching is interested in:
What is different for you about this situation now?
What story have you created about yourself in relation to the situation?
What is that gap?
Enacting the new story.

Choosing to work with a coach is a very personal decision. It is very important to me that you feel I am the right person for you. When working with you, the client, please be assured of the strictest level of confidentiality.

That’s why I offer a 10 minute free chat and what I call a “chemistry call”. It enables you to get a feeling for whether our personalities ‘click’, and helps you decide whether you want to work with me.

I’m here to listen, although I will ask some gentle and searching questions to find out what is possibly holding you back and how we move forward. My aim is to help you have that “lightbulb moment” of realisation – the point where you find that everything clicks in your mind and heart and you realise what you need to do.

It will happen. You might be finding that hard to fully believe because of where you are at the moment, but trust me – I’ve seen it happen so many times and with so many different people from every area of life, be in in the business or personal arena.


Transforming lives by raising resilience into results

How do you change from set-backs to bounce forward?

Gill discusses tailor made programmes for individuals to suit your specific requirements.

After a mutually agreeable chemistry call, the resilience development programme starts with a meeting to discuss the most appropriate way for you to gain the ‘bounce forward’ effect.

We will follow our coaching sessions with several Skype calls and then meet again to assess your progress.

Alternatively, by popular demand a break-through day can be organised for individuals. Do ask for more information.

The consultations can be by skype, phone or 1-2-1 meetings.

Gold Coach Uk also organise day workshops for groups,  so please either email or ring to enquire on prices for either facility.

Tel: 0044 1827 839433     Mob: 07802261734     Email: info@goldcoachuk.com

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