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Time in your later years and or transition to retirement (whatever retirement means to you) gives you time to think. You can undoubtedly be fitter, healthier and able to take on challenges for huge opportunities for the next 20-30 years which was not possible a generation ago.

This is a time for a new life stage change. But it needs planning in order to celebrate these precious years.

Perhaps you are moving out of your family home to “ right size” and this can be a huge transition. It needs planning like any other change in life and you will need an action plan. De-cluttering is a recognised obstacle and requires a focussed mind to decide whether you keep, store or pass onto your children to keep as you are likely to have less storage.

Down sizing, de-cluttering, it all needs a plan

Down sizing, de-cluttering, it all needs a plan

It is important to gain clarity to identify the right path for you if you are alone, or to discuss with your spouse. You need not only a plan but a vision.

You will also need to take time and space to focus on what is important to you to make the right decision for your exciting future life.

What are your expectations and do they match your spouse?

It is also important to understand how you will achieve your goals. Make a list of any concerns and resolve any issues with your spouse or trusted friend; so that you have confidence to proceed with your own personal retirement plan.

Journalise any actions that you wish to achieve. Make a dream board of your desires to enable you to visualise your aspirations.

I am the leading independent expert on pre-retirement planning and I look forward to hearing from you.

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