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Celebrate Retirement

So lucky you – you are planning for Retirement or you are in Retirement. You may have stayed in your family home, “right-sized” or even moved into a Retirement Accommodation.

Gill is the leading independent expert on pre-retirement planning.

Remember in retirement these days you may have a further 25-30 years to live.


Let me ask you a question – how are you going to spend and make use of your time to find fulfilment and happiness in your later years?

For some people in Retirement the question of “what shall I do today?” is common.  Procrastination sets in and the whole daunting experience of learning to use time after many years in a structured working environment becomes unnerving.

I have worked with people going through transitions in their lives for some years.

Retirement in particular brings SO many positive opportunities, but it does require planning and self-analysis for the correct path for YOU.


How am I able to help YOU?

I have owned my own businesses and on my own retirement, I decided to train as a Business/Personal Coach. After some years I was accepted as a Member of the Council of Psychotherapists. Further training followed as a NLP Master Practitioner and training in both Stress Management and Mediation. More latterly I have worked as a Resilience and Retirement Specialist.

Working with clients either embarking on Retirement or those with change in later life is very rewarding.  It is important for me to be able to empathise and understand the pitfalls so that you can experience that “light bulb” moment of realisation after challenging and sometimes anxious times YOU can lead a truly fulfilling later journey in your life.

My positive working ethos with clients in later life include many scenarios.  Some individuals are preparing to retire, retired, widowed, divorced or may require part-time employment, so any initial discussion is on an individual or couples basis and follows with a tailor-made plan.

Your retirement lifestyle can be improved by:

  1. Understanding who you are and gaining clarity on your self-identity.
  2. What are you really wanting and have you focussed on your vision for the future?
  3. Have you developed a plan for your every- day life?
  4. Do you understand how you move forward with or without a partner?
  5. Can you move forward with renewed confidence?
  6. Can celebrate this exciting transition for your later years?




My wife and I are so grateful to Gill.  I have recently sold my company but am staying on for 6 months as a consultant before my Retirement.

We had 3 sessions. The first meeting was just with myself and Gill. We discussed my apprehension and concerns for the future. In truth I was dreading both meeting Gill and was also scared of retirement as I had worked in a disciplined environment all my working life and did not have a plan for the future. I was also concerned about spending more time with my wife after our children had left home.  After I had raised my concerns, Gill listened, then she encouraged me to go through all the points one by one. Truly, I finished our meeting feeling confident with more peace of mind. It was helpful to discuss the idea of writing my own job description.

The next meeting a few days later was with my wife, Laura. It emerged that she was also in fear of my intruding into her organised life and how the change in our relationship would emerge when I had been working long hours and not been home during the weekdays for 45 years. She had never mentioned this before.

The final session a couple of days later was a half-day session for us both. It worked like a facilitation where, with our agreement, the points we had raised were discussed. There were aspects that neither of us had discussed together about our fears, and there was much humour in our 3 hour session!

We were so impressed by the process. We both feel so positive about our future Retirement life together now and this course of meetings helped us tremendously.  We are processing a plan for my retirement in 6 months.

“Gill was professional, knowledgeable and was so easy to talk with. She gave us both the opportunity to have the space and time to think about this important change in our lives.  Highly recommended!”       Michael Briggs



Jane (not a real name) was living alone 100 miles from her children. Her husband had died after a long illness, and the impact of bereavement was intense; to the extent that she did not want to leave the family home.

After some months her concerned children advised her to sell the family home and to buy a flat in a Retirement village near to where they both lived.

This was a traumatic experience for Jane, but it was at this point that a family friend contacted me.

Jane and I had a long telephone call which resulted in an initial meeting. She talked about her procrastination, her negativity, her belief that she would never find happiness in her life again. The fact that there was no clarity or vision in her life. She talked about her pain on her bereavement and feelings of failure in her inability to look forward or her desire to do so.

However, the second part of the first session began to change her attitude. I asked her many questions about her past happiness and how we could re-frame negative situations; how writing a journal might help; how we could discuss her vision for the future and many other easy actions.

I saw Jane on several other occasions. Some of the strategies took time to embed and assimilate, particularly the mind-set. However, she has now joined a rambling society and recently been asked to become secretary. She has also volunteered for 2 mornings a week at the local CAB.

Jane has also become involved in the lives of her grand-children which has given her much joy and a new lease of life.






Working with clients covers many of the following questions to encourage a positive thinking process often after very testing experiences.


The coaching sessions are informal, professional and conversational which supports clients to a purposeful, exciting and happy future and it WILL really work for YOU

Boredom, restlessness and depression are common reactions to later life. But there are certain actions that are helpful for YOU to focus your time on to avoid these negative issues:

  1. Physical activity is so important. It keeps you fit and encourages socialising with other people
  2. Write down your memoirs or write a journal.
  3. Learn a new skill such as art, gardening or cooking.
  4. Spend time with your family or grand-children
  5. Travel
  6. Volunteer for part-time work or take a part-time job.
  7. Each individual plan is based on a tailor-made programme – for YOU, the client.




Individual coaching suits many clients. The course is similar to the 1 day course but is tailor-made to suit the individual and their needs. However, we will discuss and evaluate your lifestyle options. We will work on clarity to unravel any confusion and focus on your action plan. We often discuss beliefs, fears and worries as this becomes progresses to a positive change in your life. We help you over several sessions to gain the confidence to celebrate and truly enjoy your Retirement.



We have found that some couples prefer these coaching sessions in their own company. This is individually designed to help discuss issues that may not have been addressed for fear of upsetting the other partner!

The structure of this service is one 80 minute session with the one client, where we work through any concerns.  A few days later the other client takes the 80 minute session with the same process. A week later all 3 of us meet up to spend a 3 hour session discussing the issues that have been raised. This clarifies so many worrying concerns and often is a sessions filled with good humour and much relief!



This 1 day course covers the areas of lifestyle. We discuss situations and use templates and tools to ensure clarity.

We focus on the positive areas and benefits of Retirement plus the impact on your relationship with your partner or family.

We talk about health and wellness, leisure and your social life along with personal development.

This course is held in-house or at local venues.


Course can vary from client to client with sessions at a venue to suit both parties.

The individual or couples sessions are normally 80-90 minutes and are relaxed and informal.

So if YOU need help in preparing for Retirement or need help re-gaining YOUR positivity, confidence and self-belief to enjoy life, feel worthwhile and gain happiness again; please contact me for a free chat to see if any of these programmes would help YOU.







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