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Gill Mathias, Resilience Coach Specialist

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Hello, I’m Gill

Do you have a feeling that you’ve somehow lost focus and clarity, and are starting to lack confidence or the ability to know what to do next?
If you are answering yes, then it seems you have reached the point where you just know things aren’t right and you’ve decided you need to seek some support to get back on track.

I have many clients and I help make your mid life years successful and happy, although there can be challenges.
As a Psychotherapist, NLP Master practitioner and Mediator I work with individuals or in group sessions to not only help you survive but thrive in midlife!

Some of the issues covered are:

EMPTY NEST SYNDROME. This is a feeling of grief and loneliness when your children leave home. It is very real and can lead to feelings of depression, even feeling ill. We discuss these emotions and then look forward to the positives of moving into the next transition.

MENOPAUSE. The changes and challenges surrounding menopause and conquering the condition with confidence is testing. We discuss the many issues that this stage brings. There are certain lifestyle choices to empower you to live your life to the fullest both mentally and emotionally.

MIDLIFE CRISIS. This is a transition of identity; ‘who are you now?’ This stage can bring self-doubt, lack of self-confidence and a feeling of not being good enough, when you are!
This can have an impact on both genders and can produce feelings of sadness, remorse or desire to make drastic changes to your life. There are always experiences to celebrate in the second act in life and ‘viva fifty,’

RELATIONSHIPS AND DIVORCE. At this stage I work with you to understand your personal situation, what you want and what you need.
Sometimes, as a mediator it is often worth establishing if the relationship can be repaired through talking.
If divorce is the only way forward, I work with you to put you in control of your emotional and mental state. We introduce tools and strategies which help you cope with the rollercoaster experience of divorce. I empower you ‘to find yourself again’ and be you.

PRE-RETIREMENT PLANNING. Do you have a plan and a vision for celebrating your retirement years? How do you avoid procrastinating in retirement after a structured working life?
How are you going to spend this extra time? Do you enjoy the precious gift of grandchildren?
You maybe daunted as to how to use your time effectively or you may now wonder who you really are. How can you gain the belief that you can truly enjoy life and be happy? We discuss working on your hobbies, the positive of this important transition and the emotional relationships in your life.

Believe me, we can work together to embed strategies for YOU to enjoy a lasting and meaningful change for a happier, purposeful life.

You may not realise how much other people do value you. Colleagues, family and friends almost certainly regard you very highly, but you’re not able to see that because some days you are consumed by negativity. Something is preventing you taking action to permanently move forward. It’s preoccupying you – holding you back.

Is the problem that you just can’t seem to break the deadlock? Do you feel you are within your own bubble, trapped by fear and not knowing how you can move on with your life?
The good news is that you have recognised that with some help you can empower yourself to move forward towards a happier life. That is a very significant step. The way you are feeling now might be linked to so many sets of circumstances, or something specific that has upset or unsettled you.

You might be thinking you need advice – someone to give you answers. But really, the answers are already there within you. You just need to be asked the right questions to bring them out, and then be given some simple, easy tools to help you move forward.

Transforming lives by raising resilience into results

Lost or Stuck

This free report will give you easy, actionable ideas to help you bounce forward.

We empower you to see where you are going

I’m here to hold up a mirror and help you see things more clearly, from another perspective.

Are you worried about where you are going and what the future holds?

Worrying takes away today’s peace – and it doesn’t help you tomorrow either. That’s why I want to help you use your internal energy to be positive and start believing in yourself instead of worrying.

That is how we’re going to achieve it: by enabling you to change your belief system, so you start focusing on the things you can do and are going to do, instead of being held back by fears and worries.

It’s time to re-focus on what you really want to achieve.

Together, we can bring back the real you – and make you more resilient and optimistic.

Both I and the team of associates I work with are all qualified coaches who use straightforward, simple strategies that help you maintain focus, stay calm and build your confidence while making more time for both yourself and those who are important to you.

Your goals may be related to your career, personal life or family. The things we achieve by working together will help you with every aspect of life.

You could say the result we are aiming for is ‘the more confident and positive you’. The same person at heart – just happier, more self aware and with an emotional resilience that helps you deal with everything life throws at you.

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